French Landscape Statement

In the Toulouse region of Southern France is where I had access to the beautiful landscape. In the landscape I observed the old and decaying buildings and by contrast, the modernized forms and structures of contemporary life. During three months I painted primarily on site and in the open air. The small medieval villages and ancient farms inspired many paintings. In these works I depicted lush landscapes, claustrophobic village streets and dilapidated farms.

The select paintings of Paris closely relate to my work depicting New York urban landscapes, while simultaneously providing an interesting contrast in contemporary urban imagery.  The imagery developed in Paris focuses on crowded rooftops, mysterious small streets and dramatic light of the night. A number of paintings are based on the sloping quartier of Montmartre.

I had the opportunity to attend the artist residency, La Muse, in Labastide Esparbairenque, a village located in southern France. The village is near the Medieval city, Carcasonne.  During the La Muse residency is where I developed a body of work based on the village surroundings. The small medieval village is situated on a mountainside. The village’s atmosphere of rich history and crooked architecture inspired numerous painterly moments. The village provided the ideal setting for working in plein air. 

The dramatic and idiosyncratic architecture, in contrast to the spring greening of the mountains, took center stage in the paintings. I took the opportunity to paint at night in this quiet and enigmatic place. The village chapel and nighttime golden light held particular interest.

The new painting experiences opened the work to a range of indescribable colors. There is a quirky relationship between the village tiled rooftops and the gritty ones of my Brooklyn spaces. Even in this beautiful and historic place there are television satellite dishes sprouting about.